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packaging · UX/UI

made for

Made for is about personalized supplements tailored on people health goals. The approach used to design the website is mobile first, since most of the users seems to connect to the website using them phone. Together with the e-commerce there is also a section dedicated to a survey, customized on people needs and general lifestyle. The restyle of the brand and the website starts from the typeface, I choose a font which could be both modern and convey a scientific and reliable feeling. The colors want to be pop, the orange and the blue reflect the general brand identity meanwhile on the products page every category of products has its own specific bold color, in order to be immediately recognizable. Together with the website I designed the label of some of the new products. The labels, as the website, want to speak in a clear way to the user, conveying a clear message about the benefit of each product. I decided to play with the typography to emphasize the message.

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