Rosalba Porpora | pongcrunch
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Pong Crunch

Pong Ccrunch is organizing ping pong tournament for the startups teams in Berlin. I designed the rebranding having a clear goal in mind: to give them a strong, bold, playful, dynamic identity.
I wanted the logo to speak for itself, it comes from an abstraction of the shape of the racket hitting the ball. Playing with the shapes I designed a symbol which is strongly connected to the world of the ping pong and at the same time also symbolize the “P”, initial letter of the brand.
All the branding comes from that. I decided to play with that shapes around the print and the web material, taking care of creating an unique and strong identity which can be immediately recognized.
The main words get highlighted, on the posters and on the website, while some sentence just play around a path which is supposed to be the trajectory of the ball on the table tennis, highlighting the dynamism of the brand.