Hello, my name is Rosalba
nice to meet you!

I traverl, I discover, I drink liters of coffee, I listen to a lot of music, I share, I laugh, I ask question, I dream, I explore, I search.
I’m  a graphic designer based between Germany and South of Italy,  Berlin and Naples.
Playing with typography, simple shapes and primary colors I love design with a meaning. In my work I always seek the expression of the concept behind every brand, I want to tell a story and express the value of the brand I’m working for. Working in different fields such as branding, packaging, poster, editorial, animation and exhibition design I love to experiment and to challenge myself with different kind of projects. I am and have been working with companies as TOA (Tech Open Air Berlin), Open Ocean London, Samsung Next, Barilla, Zuegg, TEDX.

I have been working on visual identity of different festivals, enjoying to design an experience that can be lived by different people

Let’s grab a coffee together!




Rosalba Porpora

Instagram | ros.porpora@gmail.com | Linkedin