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BRANDING · Packaging


hundred is a supplement brand focused on helping people reaching them health goals, to let them feel them 100%. In the overall branding, I kept really clear in mind the connection with the “100%” – which can be found in the logo design, and the idea of motivating the user to reach his/her personal health goals.


hundred wants to help the user to reach a healthy life therefore I came up with the idea of designing different stickers to be placed on one side of the cube. The user can choose between different options and keep being inspired and motivated every day. The packaging experience becomes in this way something unique since each user can personalize his own box.
With the box comes 30 sachets to be used daily with the right amount of pills to be taken every day. Here comes the personalization again: on each sachet is printed the name of the user, in order to highlight even more the unique, personal experience.