Rosalba Porpora | About me
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Hello, my name is
nice to meet you.

I’m a graphic designer from south of Italy, based in Berlin and working worldwide.
I believe in a true concept and in design with a real meaning, in “less is more”, in a clear and powerful design.
I like to play with geometrical shapes, bold colors and typography, to express the idea behind every project with a strong, distintive and expressive result.


I’ve been working and helping clients on different kind of projects: from brand identity, to packaging, editorial, wayfinding, exhibition and UI/UX design.


Taking care of the all process, from the concept to the print production and having a network of multidisciplinary professionals from copyrighters, to illustrators, to motion designers, to photographers and developers  I make sure each project has a strong and unique personality.
“Can do” it’s part of my life and work philosophy. I believe everything can be achieved with passion, hard work and a clear goal in mind.


I can help you with:

Art Direction · Branding · Packaging · Editorial Design ·

White Papers · Animations · Illustrations · Web Design · Photoshooting ·

We had fun together:

TOA · Samsung Next · AirBnb · StudioNow · Barilla · Zuegg · OpenOcean · Antilia Gallery  · Baubauwerk · Little Aden